Scary Xmas Traditions

It’s too hot for Krampus in Australia but the weather is just right in the northern hemisphere.

Say Hello to the original Scary Santa!

Scary Xmas



    1. It’s great the US is embracing Krampus. I don’t think Krampus is well known in Australia. Hopefully the word gets out 🙂 The photos are from Werribee Zoo which is down the road from me. It specialises in African animals so the images are definitely tribal!

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      1. Up till a few years ago, I think not many people in the US had heard of Krampus. But then there was a Krampus movie. Also, a lot of folks are exploring their European heritages here, which I think makes for a bigger interest in European traditions… It is all very fun, I love it! 🙂

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