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Bites and Pieces of America is filled with pieces from my 2017 journey from Australia to the USA where I got to visit a dear friend on Whidbey Island, celebrate July the 4th in Salem the Witch City, visit puffins in Maine and meet a baby sloth in Boston. There are also many bites of recipes from the foods that inspired me along the way.

B&P cover

Available from Lulu

Includes 27 recipes

The Dracula Tarot: Exploring Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula through Tarot

It is late at night and I am sitting in a park. I have just begun to study Tarot and my mind is full of its wonderful imagery and symbology. I suddenly feel the penetrating stare of eyes. Not one or two, but many. I turn to face my nocturnal interlopers. I am pleasantly surprised to see a bat hanging upside down in a tree. We stare at each other, neither one of us moving. I realise the park is filled with bats – some resting, some flying. It makes me think of Vampires, it makes me think of Tarot. The Dracula Tarot takes seed.

Book available as a paperback through Lulu

Book available as an ebook through Lulu

Email me here for Dracula Tarot Deck enquiries.

Created by Vicky Vladic
Illustrated by Anna Gerraty

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