A Study In Fours

Cordelia’s Mom from Cordelia’s Mom, Still invited me to play the Four Fact Survey. Basically I give four answers to each of the questions below. So settle down with bowls of my Popcorn Four Ways and have some fun!

Popcorn Four Ways


8 cups freshly popped popcorn
1/4 cup (60g) unsalted butter, melted

Drizzle the melted butter over the popcorn. Toss to combine.
Place 2 cups of popped corn into each of four bowls.

for Traditional Salted Popcorn
Sprinkle in sea salt to taste. Toss to combine.

for Cumin Popcorn
Sprinkle in 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin. Toss to combine.

for Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn
Sprinkle in 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of icing sugar. Toss to combine.

for Cocoa Popcorn
Sprinkle in 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa powder and 1 teaspoon of icing sugar. Toss to combine.

You can vary the seasonings to your own taste.

Four Fact Survey
Four names people call me other than my real name:
Panda Lady
Purple Haired Lady
Variations of my names
The usual “nicknames” 🙂

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
Bass Player in a Punk Rock Band – It was a very short career
Examinations Supervisor – I was nicknamed the Dragon Lady but that was a long time ago
Producer and Director of two Community TV Programs:
– The Pet & Wildlife Show – where I got to be in an enclosure with 8 Mississippi Alligators
– Eat – where I got to consume great food
Tutor and Lecturer in Cinema Studies – When I screened The Exorcist, half the class didn’t turn up because they were scared!

Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:
Interview With The Vampire
Kung Fu Panda
The Wicker Man

Four Books Or Authors I’d Recommend:
Anything by Anne Belov
Anything by Terry Pratchett
Dracula by Bram Stoker
Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice

Four Places I’ve Lived:
I’ve only lived in Melbourne but I have moved around a bit. The most interesting place I have lived has been on campus at La Trobe University in Bundoora.

Four Places I’ve Visited:
China – to cuddle a baby giant panda
Iceland – for the puffins and the scenery
New Zealand – because it’s totally awesome
Romania – for all things Dracula

Four Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now:
Cuddling baby pandas with Justin Trudeau
Dancing with Channing Tatum
Patting my dogs
Spending more time with my partner whilst cuddling baby pandas with Justin Trudeau, dancing with Channing Tatum and patting my dogs 🙂

Four foods I don’t like:
There aren’t many foods I don’t like but I am allergic to the capsicum/bell pepper family which limits my choice. I’m also sensitive to tomatoes and eggplants which also limits my choice.

Four of my favorite foods: 
Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

Four Shows I Watch: 
Hamish Macbeth

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year: 
Eating and drinking at interesting places
Finishing writing one of my cookbooks
Going to Adelaide (South Australia) to see the giant pandas Fu Ni and Wang Wang again and maybe meeting a coati
Spending more time with my partner and dogs

Four Things I’m Always Saying:
It’s too early to get up
This is doing my head in!
Time for a drink
What’s to eat?

If you enjoyed reading this Q&A and want to join in please do.

I am tagging the witty and acerbic Not Cordelia’s Mom to join the fun. I know how much she will love it!



  1. Oh, I so loved this post of yours. You will love, love meeting a coati, they are so totes darling. Coatis are known for being difficult to meet, even in zoo environments. I think you are more likely to see them in the dark or more afternoon or evening hours, so let us do a bit of research on where you are visiting to find out when you are most likely to see them so as to give you the best chance to meet these lovely creatures. The good news is it probably not a time when you are likely to see an awake panda. The bad news is, if it the same location, it could make for a long day.

    One secret I have is the only movie I’ve seen in the cinema without offspring in recent years is Magic Mike. I saw it because I have a huge crush on Matt Bomer, whom I followed on a series here. Unfortunately, my intuitive sense told me right away Matt was unavailable to cisgender heterosexual me in his personal life. Not to mention I’m likely old enough to be his very young, hot mother. However, Bomer is a able to play heterosexual well, both seductive & sleazy, so it did not interfere with my screen lust. Channing Tatum was a bonus.

    This is an an appropriate moment to mention this fun, family fact. The first time I remember seeing Channing”s gorgeous face was for a brief moment in the opening of a movie starring Johnny Depp. Hollywood skewed timing & history. Don’t they always, if it suits them? Or as Kidlet said, “The Killed My Pretty [Great-Great-] Uncle Charley/Charlie. *

    I love toasted white cheese sandwiches, epecially with whole grain bread and alcoholic root beer. Yellow/orange cheese aggravates my migraines. I want to cuddle pandas someday, but I am afraid I never will with this illness. I prefer cheesecake to cuppycakes & The Cheesecake Factory is coming to my city. I will be stopping in for a slice on occasion & their amazing low-cal dressing. You couldn’t
    figure something out like it for me? With better vsomethingspeaks ingredients?

    I’ve lived a lot places, more than twenty. My favorites were London, Southern California, the Greater Seattle area & Northern California. Missouri was interesting as were New Hampshire, The Netherlands, & Connecticut.

    I know how to make fish in many ways. I spent many midnights waiting for my father’s high school bestie to get done from from a second job in what was then Seattle’s most famous seafood restaurant. His three sons & I continue to use the flown-in-that-day- from-Alaska-fresh-fish we ate in that kitchen while waiting & that came home for late night suppers as a yardstick for choosing fish & shellfish.

    Therefore, I can make fish many ways. Lutefiske, which the ge boys mom taught me; but, I have never consumed. I know how to make salmon-on-a–plank, a specialty of the restaurant. In my repertoire there are several lovely true Mexican fish dishes I learned from cooks in restaurants south of San Diego, California, where the cooks would disappear when federal agents appeared. This was before 9/11. After the terror attack, the staff was reluctant to be friendlly & would not respond to my then brother-in-law & his gifted ability to be charming & bring out the best out in everyone. I know how to make cornmeal whirefish. I’ve make Fish-and-Chips, just as the British do & just as Ivar’s Seafood Restaurant did in my childhood.

    Most of all, I know how to cook fish to please me. I love sushi, but I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle raw fish, despite the money it would save. I love all sorts of shellfish but I am concerned that they are basically the housekeepers of the water. And my most recent squeeze finds sushi not appealing.

    Justin Trudeau shirtless, cuddling pandas, and your pups sounds like a wonderful experience. Where do I sign-up? Triss prefers men to be frank, & has never recovered from the loss of her father, whom I’m told can’t remember her name. Most of all, Triss prefers to stay home, alone.

    Kidlet, last I heard, loves anything by Terry Pratchett. I’m terrified by Anne Rice. However you do encourage me to be bravet and stronger. BTW, have you noticed how much our PandaWorld is ruled by Annes with an “e”?. Mine is anyway. I once loved Lillian Jackson Braun, if just for trying as a geriatric, giving me hope. I liked Gail Godwin, a North Carolinian by birth, who on occasion writes of her home state. The first book of hers I read included in it the sitting of the the university I attended after Voldy. I read that book about 6 months before Voldy, one July night My roommate just before him owned a copy. I bought my own copy the first night I arrived in this location, I guess 13 or so years later. The following is likely only interesting to me. I read & reread, books by Irish Author Maeve Binchy in the location before this one & here before Voldy struck. Their common theme overall included women & adversity; often with women being in situations of forced separation from their children. Drivel really, but I wonder if my intuitive-self was trying to reestablish itself.. Maybe not anymore, I don’t know. Anyyway, you see I had a 6,000 sq.ft house & when Voldy was ready for a new life for himself, I lost a lot of possessions/stuff so I have no clue what I’d like to read for joy or even pleasure. I’ve been reading for school/career or circumstance ever since. I don’t have a lot of space.

    If you are taking requests, I could use a recipe for Mint Mojitos with light rum, real sugar & maybe another creative. I love mangoes & tolerate them well. Please ask me for inspiration about othet flavors. It must be light rum & real, not artificial sweetener or stevia, which kills the liver faster than anything.
    I can only do light alcohols, least regularly. Citrus kills me, even just light lemon. For example, I can smell what must be a the slightest bit of real or chemical lemon in Pepsi-Cola, the State beverage of North Carolina because it was invented in Salisbury. NC. Of I do I’m in pain & crying in seconds. Coca-Cola with a pseudo vanilla base would be my life blood if it was healthy for you, it & often takes an excruciating migraine away within minutes.

    Mississippi alligators. They are startingredients to show up here. I’m sorry of terrified of them. Do tell, perhaps in the blog?

    Love you.

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    1. The coati and the pandas are in the same location – Adelaide Zoo 🙂 Hopefully it won’t be too difficult to meet them! If all goes well we should be able to make a quick trip to Adelaide later this year.
      We have coatis at Melbourne Zoo – near the Red Pandas – but there are no encounters on offer.
      Atlanta Zoo has a meet the pandas encounter. Is that zoo too far away from you?
      Love that you added a shirtless Justin with pandas 🙂
      I love reptiles but I’d be scared of alligators in the wild – I am terrified of wild crocodiles.
      Was the movie Public Enemies? Channing Tatum and Johnny Depp were also together in the movie 21 Jump Street.
      I don’t find Anne Rice’s vampire stuff scary. It’s more historical but with vampires. Terry Pratchett is hilarious 🙂
      What did you want me to try and create with “vsomethingspeaks” ingredients?
      I’ll get my thinking cap on for the mojitos. I love experimenting with alcohol. I also hate artificial sweeteners.
      Love you too. Thanks for the informative reply 🙂

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      1. Yep to the Movie. Pretty Boy is Robbie’s Uncle. Her father made moonshine and served time. She remembers cars with bullet holes from the getaway encounters. Thus might explain everything, although her sisters are different.

        Right now every thing is too far. I don’t drive. I only leave the house if I have a medical appointment or have to prepare for court. I did decide to be well starting Friday past; it seems to be working. I will give some thought to my need for migraine and MAV friendly foods. Thank you for considering the mojitos. You have crocodiles. Well as Steve2 says, Australia has everything. He watches all sorts of stuff about you. Happy Day.

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      2. Wow at Robbie’s ancestry!
        It’s amazing how much power positive thinking can have. Hope you stay well so we can can one day meet up and go cuddle some pandas 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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