A Quartet Of Chocolates

Recently the culinary world was introduced to a pink chocolate called Ruby Chocolate. It was created by Barry Callebaut, a Belgian-Swiss company, and marketed as the “fourth chocolate” following dark, milk and white. It’s the first new variety of chocolate to be introduced in 80 years. The method of production remains a trade secret but industry suggests that the ruby cocoa beans are unfermented cocoa beans which can have a naturally pinkish colour. There are other things to know about the production method but I lost interest as all I wanted was to get my hands on some pink ruby chocolate!

When I finally got to try some ruby chocolate I was a little disappointed. It didn’t taste much like chocolate. To me it tasted like the yoghurt covered fruit balls I used to eat when I thought I was being healthy. Even though ruby chocolate contains cocoa solids like dark and milk chocolate, it just doesn’t have the taste or feel of chocolate. I didn’t dislike it, but I wouldn’t buy it again expect for creating recipes with a pink theme  – like a naturally pink chocolate frosting for a cupcake. 🙂

But wait there’s more!

Just in time for the holiday season, Barry Callebaut has introduced a new chocolate to the market called Gold Chocolate. While ruby was a new variety of chocolate, gold is a new flavour. The naturally gold coloured chocolate is made by adding caramelised milk and caramelised sugar to white chocolate. A touch of salt is also added. Naturally I couldn’t wait to try it.

San Churro Chocolateria have featured both ruby and gold chocolate on their menus. As a big fan of their churros, I decided to try gold chocolate as a dipping sauce. My platter of churros arrived with four dipping sauces, gold, ruby, dark and milk. I tried each chocolate sauce on its own before beginning a thoughtful dunking process. I began with gold, followed by ruby then milk then dark. The gold chocolate was reminiscent of salted caramel but not as sweet and with a distinct chocolate taste. It felt rich, creamy and decadent. The dipping sauce was garnished with little beads of gold chocolate and these gems were a true delight. I loved it! Surprisingly the ruby chocolate tasted great paired with the fried cinnamon magic that is a churro. The only thing that would have made this a perfect chocolate dipping experience is if there was a bowl of white chocolate. Then I could have enjoyed a pentagram of chocolates. 🙂 



  1. As a chocoholic, I appreciate this post 🙂

    My “chocoholic” claim could be called into question at the moment however, as I’m ashamed to admit that up until this point I wasn’t actually aware of the existence of either “ruby chocolate” nor “gold chocolate” O.o ( I also haven’t been to San Churro for a good few years..!! Shame on me. Although, to be fair, it’s mostly only because I don’t live as conveniently close to one as I once did…)

    The gold choc sounds heavenly. My new mission is to try it ( it’s good to have goals in life).

    Thanks for enlightening this so-called chocolate lover. (Reading about chocolate also makes me want to re-read Joanne Harris’ “Chocolat” again….and reading that makes me want chocolate….ah, it’s a vicious cycle!)

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    1. I’m lucky I have a San Churro just down the road from me. Or should that be unlucky? 🙂
      I love chocolate and things covered in chocolate and drinking chocolate. It truly is the Food of the Gods.
      I haven’t read “Chocolat” but I’ve seen the film and enjoyed it.
      If you can’t find gold chocolate you could always caramelise white chocolate to get a similar flavour.
      Let me know how you go!

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  2. Oh, the “Chocolat” book is a squillion times better than the movie- I highly recommend it. Whereas the movie ( which I still enjoyed, btw) played it safe by making Vianne’s nemesis the local mayor, in the book he is the curate of the local church 😉 , Plus Joanne Harris has a knack for writing about food, flavours, and scents.
    Hmm, caramelise, you say. I have never in my life tried such a thing; I wouldn’t describe me as a competent ( or any kind of) baker! But thankyou, I *may* be tempted someday.

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    1. You’ve convinced me to buy the book! I’ve just ordered it and can’t wait to read it.
      I’m hoping to make some caramelised white chocolate soon and if I do I’ll post about it. You can also buy it. Cadbury do a caramilk block which I haven’t tried and Whittakers do a buttermilk one which is delicious. 🙂

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      1. Oh nice! I hope you enjoy it! ( I can also highly recommend reading ‘Blackberry Wine” by the same Author if you decide you like her style; it contains magicky themes also. It’s my favourite of hers.)
        Well that’s a post to look forward to; I’d be interested in learning a little about the process. I’m *trying* to stay healthy(ish), but I still believe in treats 😉 . Homemade chocolate would be a lovely thing to make for a special occasion.
        Anyhoo, enjoy the reading and the cooking!

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    1. I’ve been meaning to make caramelised white chocolate which is similar to gold chocolate. I’ll post about if I do. Happily I found a chocolate place near me that has delicious ruby chocolate so I’ve been enjoying that.


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