Wickedly Wicked

The first thing I think of for Saint Patrick’s Day is snakes! And then I think green 🙂 Therefore it seems appropriate to continue my witchy ways by sharing my past review of the musical Wicked. After all, green is an important colour in Wicked!

It was a potion that turned Elphaba green, so celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and Wicked with a green beverage. There are plenty to choose from, but a particularly witchy one would be Absinthe. If you’re not a fan of Absinthe, you can try Midori. These two drinks are hilariously linked in the remake of Fright Night. Magician and dubious vampire expert Peter Vincent – brilliantly played by David Tennant – pours Midori into Absinthe bottles to maintain his cool persona. Midori is also the Japanese word for green.


I missed the musical Wicked when it first came to Melbourne so when it returned I made sure I went. I decided not to read the book the musical is based on so I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised!

What a spectacular show! Everything about the production was brilliant. The colours, the lights, the sets, the steampunk iconography, the costumes, the characters, the acting, the songs, the story. I could go on but all I’ll say is if you get a chance, see it.

As blown away as I was by the spectacle, that small part of me that is an academic analyst was analysing everything I was seeing and hearing. Again, I wasn’t disappointed. Fourteen years ago I completed eight years of study – my topic – the image of the witch in film. I haven’t written much on witches since then. Happily, Wicked…

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  1. And what is even more hysterical regarding D.Tennant’s character cool guy beverage? I believe it has been determined that Absinthe, at least in that produced on US is not harmful. UNless you are me, because the flavor most definitely causes me to gag. Happy Friday! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. 🐼🍀💖

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    1. That’s right! There are no hallucinogenics in Absinthe. I love most of the anise flavoured liqueurs but I’m not a big fan of Absinthe. I’d like to try it the traditional French way where they put a sugar cube on a special spoon and then drip iced iced water over it and into the Absinthe.

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  2. Your review on the musical Wicked was great loved it, love Midori and would love to try Absinthe the traditional French way sounds quite nice.

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