A Birthday Surprise For Bram

Tuesday November 8 is Bram Stoker’s birthday. To celebrate, I have done a guest post over at Cordelia’s Mom Still. Cordelia’s blog is an eclectic mix of personal anecdotes, photos and other interesting things! Feel free to pop by and have a read 🙂 You can also pop round to Not Cordelia’s Mom if you want to see the world from a very different perspective!!

If you’re looking for a recipe, here’s last year’s birthday one for Bram – Irish Coffee Dessert.


Three of Goblets



    1. He’s definitely a Scorpio! All that repressed sexuality in “Dracula” had to come from somewhere 🙂
      He’s death day is April 20 so for me he balances northern and southern hemisphere Halloween/Beltane – life and death – Scorpio and Taurus.
      I’ve just ordered a biography on Bram and I can’t wait to read it!

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      1. That is right! The sexual energy, and also the question of death/ life and other Scorpio themes are dealt with in Dracula. He was really a genius. Interesting about the Scorpio/ Taurus balance. As an Aquarius (fixed sign) I can relate to both Taurus and Scorpio.

        I wish Bram would have gotten more recognition in his lifetime!

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      2. I’m a Taurus so I naturally draw from my Scorpion polar opposite. I can see that enquiring and revolutionary Aquarian mind of yours alive in your work 🙂

        It’s amazing that Bram wasn’t more well known in his lifetime.

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